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Having a dinner party or event? We have qualified pre-screened candidates available immediate consideration. The screening process for party staff includes state and federal background check and requires excellent grooming and appearance.

Types of staff available for parties & events:

General Staff: The most common placement, staff will have experience in staffing affluent homes for events. Experience includes general prep cooking, serving, cleaning up after an event, keeping drinks full and will be joyous in taking direction from the employer.

Certified Bartender: Certified bartenders typically earn 100% of their income from bartending. They are experienced mixologists that will wow your guests with their knowledge, skill, and appearance.

Career Cook: Career cooks are professional cooks by trade and earn 90% or more of their income from cooking. Staff will have experience in affluent homes and can accommodate most menu’s.

Career Chef: Career chefs are professional chefs with a degree in culinary arts. They earn 100% of their income from their trade. Rates are usually $50/hr. They typically can accommodate even the most difficult menus.

Candidates can wear the attire of your choosing (most requested is all black). Staff will be well groomed and will fit right in at your event. Most staff will have experience in the affluent domestic staffing industry.

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